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New Releases (2002)

  • February 21 - Proposed natural health product regulations are a cure worse than the illness
    [Media Release] [Publication - 774 kb]
  • February 19 - BC Budget Not Strong Enough Medicine [Media Release]
  • February 15 - New study reveals test scores higher in provinces that fund independent schools
    [Media Release] [Publication - 810k]
  • February 13 - Medical savings accounts bring consumer choice to health care
    [Media Release] [Publication - 355 kb]
  • February 5 - February Fraser Forum [Publication]
  • February 4 - University professors need incentive-based pay [Media Release] [Publication]
  • January 29 - Former Canadian ambassador joins the Fraser Institute on immigration policy [Media Release]
  • January 17 - Public sector cuts are a net gain for BC's economy [Media Release]
  • January 11 - Inflated non-medical labour costs are reducing access to health care [Media Release]
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