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About the Fraser Institute

The Fraser Institute was founded in 1974 to redirect public attention to the role markets can play in providing for the economic and social well-being of Canadians.

From humble beginnings, the Institute has grown into Canada's leading economic think tank, with 2,500 individual, corporate and foundation supporters in Canada, the United States and twelve other countries. The Institute is funded entirely from the contributions of members and the sale of publications.

Over the years, the Institute's list of researchers has grown dramatically. More than 350 authors in 22 countries (including six who have subsequently been awarded Nobel Prizes) have contributed to 250 Institute books and thousands of articles. Institute publications have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Czech, Polish and Russian; and have been sold in 54 countries. Our publications have been adopted at colleges and universities in Canada and around the world.

The research of The Fraser Institute has consistently led the intellectual consensus on key public policy issues and the current public policy agenda reads like an index of past Institute publications. The Institute's program continues to have an impact in stretching the frontiers of the Canadian public policy debate. In areas such as welfare reform, privatization, taxation, free trade, government debt, education, poverty, deregulation, health care, labour markets, economic restructuring and the role of government--the fresh, innovative ideas about market solutions to economic problems, come from The Fraser Institute.

The research and publications activities of the Institute are overseen by the Board of Editorial Advisors--a panel of scholars from Canada, the United States and Europe. The financial affairs of the Institute are overseen by a 47-member Board of Trustees representing a broad cross-section of communities.

Annual Reports

The Fraser Institute

The work of the Institute is carried-out under a number of divisions of activity.


The Fraser Institute publishes a regular monthly journal of comment, Fraser Forum and regularly publishes Critical Issues Bulletins dealing with topics of urgent public policy concern, such as our recent bulletin on the cost of government regulation.

Fiscal Policy Studies

The Fiscal Policy Studies Group produces information concerning the taxation and spending behaviour of governments at all levels in Canada and makes international comparisons of Canada's fiscal position. Two biennial publications, Tax Facts and Government Spending Facts, provide a unique source of information on these vital subjects. Tax Freedom Day, an annual calculation provided by the Group, has become a Canadian institution and is the subject of much discussion and controversy.

Student Program

The Fraser Institute also conducts programs focused on students. The Centre conducts a nationwide series of Student Seminars on Public Policy Issues which are attended by students from nearly 200 universities and colleges. This year 1000 students will register in programs held across Canada. The best 20 students are invited to a weekend long program held in Vancouver. The Centre also publishes a newsletter, the Canadian Student Review, on public policy issues which is written and edited by students. It has a circulation of 7,000 nationwide.

The National Media Archive

The National Media Archive is Canada's only centre for the study of balance in Canadian media. The archive maintains the only live data base of the current and historic news and public affairs programming of the two main Canadian television networks. The Archive's work is published in a monthly magazine, inserted in Fraser Forum called On Balance and the Archive makes its computerized database of transcripts available to researchers around the world.


The Events Division conducts the seminars, conferences, and luncheon programs of the Institute in Canada and abroad. Each year, the Events staff operate some 20 events involving the most distinguished speakers in the world.


The Institute welcomes the membership and support of all individuals and corporations who share its ambition to improve the conduct of public policy and increase the reliance on markets as a way of solving the economic problems of society.


The Fraser Institute is a federally-chartered, non-partisan, non-profit organization financed by the sale of its publications and the contributions of its members.

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The Institute welcomes tax-deductible donations from anyone who believes in the goals of the Institute and wishes to support its work.

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