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Economic Freedom

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National Media Archive
A Computerized Database of Canadian National Television News

Lydia Miljan, Director

The National Media Archive, established in 1987, is the only research facility in Canada that monitors national television news. Operating as a division of The Fraser Institute, the Archive is guided by a five member National Media Archive Advisory Board.


The National Media Archive's internal research focuses on news reports of specific policy issues. This research provides quantitative evidence in area where only speculation and anecdotal evidence were previously available. Recognized communications methodologies enable researchers to examine the accuracy, balance, and degree to which reports reflect scientific and professional opinion.

On Balance

The Archive examines how Canadian television news reports major public policy issues and publishes its findings in On Balance, a report issued 10 times a year.


The National Media Archive maintains a complete videotape and transcript library of key national news programming from both the CBC and CTV networks.


The National Media Archive conducts comprehensive studies of election campaigns. These studies have included the 1988 and 1993 Federal election campaigns, as well as the 1991 and 1996 British Columbia elections.

International Media Monitoring Association

The National Media Archive is a pioneer in the field of media monitoring. Since its inception almost 10 years ago, the National Media Archive has helped to establish similar organizations in Europe and South Africa. In 1996, the International Media Monitoring Association (IMMA) was founded to facilitate the sharing of research and methodologies between member organizations in Canada, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and South Africa. The IMMA is currently examining and comparing the manner in which economic news is reported in the member countries.


The National Media Archive is a non-profit service supported by donations, subscriptions and fees for research services.

To contact the National Media Archive, please write, phone or e-mail:

Lydia Miljan, Director
National Media Archive
#301, 815 First Street S.W.
Calgary, AB
T2P 1N3

Phone: (403) 216-7175
Phone: (403) 234-9010

You can contact us at the above email address for any comments or information requests. Please report any dead links or technical problems.

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