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Previous Releases

This page contains previous releases for the current year. Releases for past years as well as the current year can be found under "Media Releases" and "Online Publications" on the navigation bar on the left of the page.

  • December 18 - Mining executives rate the investment climate of jurisdictions around the world: Ontario and Quebec top the international rankings [Media Release] [Publication]

  • December 12 - Canadians not as generous as Americans according to the annual "Generosity Index" [Media Release]

  • December 10 - Federal budget uses security issues as a smoke screen for higher spending [Media Release]

  • December 6 - BC's outstanding principals honoured at awards luncheon [Media Release]

  • December 6 - New book says Canada should eliminate capital gains taxes based on international evidence [Media Release] [Publication ]

  • December 4 - "Finally! Reforming Politics: The BC Blueprint" Conference Papers, November 22, 2001, Vancouver, BC [Transcripts]

  • December 4 - Alberta's outstanding principals honoured at awards luncheon [Media Release]

  • November 23 - "Tax Reform in Canada: Our Path to Greater Prosperity" Conference Papers, October 11, 2001, Toronto, Ontario [Transcripts]

  • November 19 - New study says provincial securities commissions lack adequate financial accountability [Media Release] [Publication  Adobe PDF Document]

  • November 16 - "Perceptives on Canada from an Ex-citizen," the T. Patrick Boyle Founder's lecture delivered by Conrad Black on November 15. [transcript]

  • November 16 - Donner Canadian Foundation Awards recognize excellence in the non-profit sector  [Media Release]

  • November 14 - Fraser Institute launches new research centre for globalization studies  [Media Release]

  • November 9 - Alberta tops Institute's Budget Performance Index  [Media Release]

  • November 6 - The Perfect Food in a Perfect Mess: The Cost of Milk in Canada [ Media Release] [ Publication  Adobe PDF ]

  • November 2 - Grading Quebec's Secondary Schools

  • November 1 - Global Warming: A Guide to the Science [ Media Release] [Publication PDF ]

  • October 24 - Measuring Development: An Index of Human Progress [Media Release] [Publication  Adobe PDF ]

  • October 9 - Home Schooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream [Media Release] [Publication  Adobe PDF ]

  • September 25 - Waiting Your Turn: Hospital Waiting Lists in Canada [Media Release] [Publication]

  • September 12 - Public support in Alberta proves that health care reform is possible [Media Release]

  • August 30 - Fraser Institute says prescription drug prices within US and Canada vary too widely to be equalized [Media Release]

  • August 22 - Fraser Institute publication proposes alternatives to the war on drugs [Media Release]

  • August 17 - Canadians celebrate Government Freedom Day on August 20 [Media Release]

  • August 16 - Fraser Institute says Canadian welfare reform too weak to make significant impact [Media Release]

  • August 10 - Red tape costs Canadians $103 billion: Each Canadian household pays $13,700 in regulatory compliance costs [Media Release]

  • July 23 - New study says poverty in Canada continues to be overstated [Media Release]

  • July 16 - New financial services legislation ignores the benefits of technology and savings to consumers [Media Release]

  • June 28 - Canadians Celebrate Tax Freedom Day on June 29 [Media Release]

  • June 26 - Alberta rated as best investment climate, British Columbia still in last place [Media Release]

  • June 21 - Can the Market Save Our Schools? [Media Release] [Publication]

  • June 13 - Canadians’ total tax burden has increased 1,351 percent since 1961 [Media Release] [Publication]

  • May 23 - "Where's the tax relief?" Manning asked Martin in speech today [Media Release] [Transcript]

  • May 22 - Preston Manning to join Fraser Institute as Senior Fellow [Media Release]

  • May 17 - Fraser Institute Senior Fellow awarded prestigious Donner Prize [Media Release]

  • May 14 - Significant tax reform required in Canada—Fraser Institute recommends a flat tax [Media Release] [Publication]

  • May 6 - Grading Alberta's high schools: Fraser Institute publishes third annual Report Card [Media Release] [Publication]

  • April 26 - Fraser Institute Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools returns to the web [Media Release]

  • April 19 - Canada falls to number thirteen on rankings of economic freedom [Media Release] [Publication]

  • April 18 - Grading Ontario's secondary schools: Fraser Institute publishes first annual Report Card [Media Release] [Publication]

  • March 20 - Returning British Columbia to Prosperity [Media Release] [Publication] [Executive Summary - .pdf]

  • March 19 - Misfire: Firearm registration in Canada [Media Release] [Publication]

  • March 15 - BC Budget Response: Plan for bigger government is irresponsible [Media Release]

  • March 12 - British Columbia must pursue economic growth —BC Budget Backgrounder [Media Release]

  • March 8 - The Mel Smith Lecture, presented by Gordon Gibson to Trinity Western University [Transcript]

  • March 4 - Grading BC's Schools: Fourth Annual Report Card Released [Media Release] [Publication]

  • February 12 - Ontario tops provincial fiscal performance rankings and comes in third place in North America [Media Release] [Publication - .pdf file, 345K]

  • February 9 - Public support of the Klein government defies conventional political wisdom [Media Release] [Publication or view by .pdf file, 878K]

  • January 11 - Canadians' income mobility must be part of the debate on tax reform [Media Release] [Publication]

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