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Can the Market Save Our Schools?

Edited by Claudia R. Hepburn

The Fraser Institute
Vancouver British Columbia Canada

International evidence suggests that vouchers and charter schools offer plausible answers both to the problem of declining academic achievement among Canadian students and to public frustration with the Canadian education system. Can the Market Save Our Schools? looks at whether school choice is the answer for Canada's troubled public school system.

A print version of Can the Market Save Our Schools? will be available in July and can be purchased by contacting the book sales coordinator at or by calling (604) 688-0221, ext.580 or toll-free 1-800-665-3558, ext. 580.

Contents (all links are PDF format)

About the Authors

Claudia R. Hepburn

Section One: Can the Market Save Our Schools?

Publicly Funded Education in Ontario: Breaking the Deadlock
William Robson

Reinventing Public Education via the Marketplace
Chester E. Finn, Jr.

Market Education and the Public Good
Andrew J. Coulson

Section Two: Case Studies in Market Education

Analyzing School Choice Reforms that Use America's Traditional Forms of Parental Choice
Caroline M. Hoxby

The Alberta Charter School Experience
Lynn Bosetti

A Survey of Results from Voucher Experiments: Where We Are and What We Know
Jay P. Greene

An Evaluation of New Zealand's Targeted Individual Entitlement Scheme
Michael Gaffney and Anne B. Smith

Serving the Needs of the Poor: The Private Education Sector in Developing Countries
James Tooley

Section Three: Grassroots Perspectives on Market Mechanisms

A Parent's Perspective on School Choice
Barbara Lewis(ital)

A Student's Perspective on School Vouchers
Alphonso Harrell