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Economic Freedom


Tax Facts 12

by Joel Emes and Michael Walker

The Fraser Institute
Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Have you ever wondered how much tax you pay? How many layers of tax are hidden in the purchases you make every day? Are taxes taking an ever-increasing share of the nation's total income? How much does government really cost you?

You will find the answers to these and other important questions about taxes and the Canadian consumer inside Tax Facts 12.

The complete text of Tax Facts 12 can be purchased by contacting the book sales coordinator at or by calling (604) 688-0221, ext. 580 or toll-free 1-800-665-3558, ext. 580.

Chapter 1: The Canadian Tax System (PDF file).
Chapter 6: Taxes across Canada (PDF file).

Tax Facts 12 also includes:
Chapter 2: Personal Income Taxation in Canada
Chapter 3: How Much Tax Do You Really Pay?
Chapter 4: The Canadian Consumer Tax Index andTax Freedom Day
Chapter 5: The Relative Tax Burden
Chapter 7: Who Pays the Corporate Tax?
Chapter 8: Canada and the Rest of the World
Appendix 1: Calculate How Much Tax You Really Pay
Appendix 2: Glossary