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Number 55: A Cure Worse than the Illness [PDF- 774 kb]  Adobe PDF
Number 54: Making Health Spending Work [PDF- 355 kb]  Adobe PDF
Number 53: The Perfect Food in a Perfect Mess: The Cost of Milk in Canada [PDF - 788 kb]  Adobe PDF
Number 52: Measuring Development: An Index of Human Progress [PDF - 522 kb]  Adobe PDF
Number 51: Home Schooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream [PDF - 155 kb]  Adobe PDF
Number 50: Prescription Drug Prices in Canada and the United States—Part 3
Retail Price Distribution
Number 49: Moving Beyond the Status Quo: Alberta's "Working" Prescription for Health Care Reform
Number 48: Misfire: Firearm registration in Canada
Number 47: Returning British Columbia to Prosperity
Number 46: Shifting Priorities: From Deficit Spending to Paying Down the Debt and Lowering Taxes (or view by .pdf file, 878K)
Number 45: Off Limits: How Radical Environmentalists are Shutting Down Canada's National Parks
Number 44: Rewarding University Professors: A Performance-Based Approach
Number 43: Prescription Drug Prices in Canada and the United States --
Part 2: Why the Difference?
Number 42: Prescription Drug Prices in Canada and the United States --
Part 1: A Comparative Survey
Number 41: Some Perspectives on the Origin and Meaning of Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982
Number 40: The History of Tobacco Regulation: Forward to the Past
Number 39: Budget Performance Index 2000
Number 38: Principles for Treaty Making
Number 37: Productivity and Economic Performance
Number 35: How Private Hospital Competition can Improve Health Care
Number 34: 1999 Private Charitable Generosity Index
Number 33: The "Third Way": Marketing Mirage or Trojan Horse?
Number 32: Avoiding the Maple Syrup Solution: Comments on the Restructuring of Canada’s Airline Industry
Number 31: Preserving Independence: Does the Canadian Voluntary Sector need a Voluntary Sector Commission?
Number 30: Public Policy Sources: A Hand Out Instead of a Hand Up: Where Foreign Aid Fails
Number 29: The 1999 Report Card on Alberta's High Schools
Number 28: The Availability of Medical Technology in Canada: An International Comparative Study
Number 27: A Principled Analysis of the Nisga’a Treaty
Number 26: Boys, Girls and Grades: Academic Gender Balance in British Columbia's Secondary Schools
Number 25: Liam Donnelly's Conviction by Prejudice: Lessons for Harassment Policy
Number 22: The 1999 Report Card on British Columbia's Secondary Schools
Number 21: Alternative Medicine in Canada: Use and Public Attitudes
Number 20: Fraser Institute Fiscal Performance Index, 1999
Number 19: Using Cash Rebates for Tax Relief Without Risk
Number 18: Comments on the Draft Nisga'a Treaty
Number 17: Understanding the Nisga'a Agreement and Looking at Alternatives
Number 16: Aboriginal Land Claims in British Columbia: Serious Concerns About the Nisga'a Deal
Number 15: Overweening Ambition: Assessing the CRTC's Plans to Regulate the Internet
Number 14: The Economics of Minimum Wage Laws
Number 13: Canadian Public Spending: The Case For Smaller More Efficient Government
Number 12: The Cost of Regulation in Canada (1998 Edition)
Number 11: Debunking the Myths: A Review of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement
Number 10: The Delgamuukw Case: What Does it Mean and What Do We Do Now?
Number 9: A Secondary Schools Report Card for British Columbia
Number 8: Is There a Youth Unemployment Crisis?
Number 7: The Implications of Recognizing Quebec as a Distinct Society in the Constitution
Number 6: Federal Deregulation, Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Management: Rhetoric or Reality?
Number 5: The Privatization of Liquor Retailing in Alberta
Number 4: A Federal Government Land and Building Inventory for British Columbia
Number 3: Unionization and Economic Performance: Evidence on Productivity, Profits, Investment, and Growth
Number 2: The Health and Moral Hazards of No-Fault Insurance
Number 1: Student Loans Under New Scrutiny

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