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Fraser Institute

Report Card on Quebec's Secondary Schools
2000 Edition

by Peter Cowley and Richard Marceau


Studies in Education Policy is published periodically throughout the year by The Fraser Institute, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This special edition on the schools of Quebec is published jointly with the Montreal Economic Institute.

IEDM The Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan research and educational institute. Recognizing that economic methodology is founded upon individual liberty, entrepreneurship and market-based solutions, the Institute endeavours to promote an economic approach to the study of public policy issues. The MEI contributes to the diversity of Quebec's intellectual climate by stimulating research into new solutions to the social and economic challenges that globalization presents. The MEI believes that individual liberty, the entrepreneurial spirit, limited government as well as the intelligent application of free-market principles in the development of public policy contribute to the prosperity and long-term welfare of the majority of the individuals who make up our society. The MEI is the product of a collaborative effort between Montreal-area entrepreneurs, academics, and economists. The Institute's Board of Directors is composed of community leaders who are active participants in accomplishing its goals.

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The opinions expressed in this study do not necessarily represent those of the Montreal Economic Institute or of the members of its board of directors.

The publication of this study in no way implies that the Montreal Economic Institute or the members of its board of directors are in favour of, or oppose the passage of, any bill.

The Fraser Institute is an independent Canadian economic and social research and educational organization. It has as its objective the redirection of public attention to the role of competitive markets in providing for the well-being of Canadians. Where markets work, the Institute's interest lies in trying to discover prospects for improvement. Where markets do not work, its interest lies in finding the reasons. Where competitive markets have been replaced by government control, the interest of the Institute lies in documenting objectively the nature of the improvement or deterioration resulting from government intervention. The work of the Institute is assisted by an Editorial Advisory Board of internationally renowned economists. The Fraser Institute is a national, federally chartered non-profit organization financed by the sale of its publications and the tax-deductible contributions of its members, foundations, and other supporters; it receives no government funding.

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The work of The Fraser Institute is assisted by an Editorial Advisory Board that includes:

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Jean-Pierre Centi
Prof. Herbert G. Grubel
Prof. Friedrich Schneider Sir Alan Walters
Prof. J.M. Buchanan
Prof. Michael Parkin
Prof. L.B. Smith
Prof. Edwin G. West.

The authors of this study have worked independently and opinions expressed by them are, therefore, their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the members or trustees of The Fraser Institute.

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Copyright© 2000 The Fraser Institute. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Translation of the French edition: François Couture, c. tr., c. wr.
Copy-editing of the French edition: Michèle Turcotte and Marie-Christine Luciani.
Editing, design, and typesetting: Kristin McCahon and Lindsey Thomas Martin.

Printed and bound in Canada. ISSN 1492-1863.

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